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AVC grows investment portfolio with healthcare technology company

We are proud to announce Mindset Medical as our latest investment. Mindset Medical is a virtual healthcare solution platform designed to revolutionize the healthcare industry. An emerging tech startup in Arizona, the company is transforming the way patients receive care – and the way providers deliver it – by bolstering the capabilities of digital and telehealth.

Mindset Medical aims to advance the quality of virtual health by integrating the safety and convenience of collecting a patient’s necessary medical information with a virtual health visit, enabling a fully comprehensive exam conducted remotely. The virtual healthcare solution streamlines the communication between the patient and provider, requiring only the patient’s mobile device. This not only allows the provider to collect real-time updates and monitor a patient remotely, but also significantly simplifies the process.

Mindset Medical recently completed a Series A financing round, led by Grayhawk Capital and Questa Capital, with participation from AVC, Amgen Ventures and NOVA Prime Fund. This investment will help the company’s efforts to further develop Mindset Medical’s proprietary non-contact physiological measurements application, Informed Vital Core, and, to conduct clinical studies to support the use of the software as a medical device.

As a co-investor in the financing round, AVC sees immense potential in Mindset Medical to revolutionize the future of healthcare. AVC is known to invest in early-stage technology startups and funds across various industries, including healthcare technologies that have the potential to change the future and impact Arizona, making Mindset Medical a perfect fit.

The conclusion of the Series A funding round symbolizes not only the new opportunities the startup will have to enhance the healthcare industry, but it also celebrates the work Mindset Medical has already accomplished. With the growth of the technology startup ecosystem and the venture capital industry in Arizona, we are thrilled to back Mindset Medical and all of the contributions their innovative team will make to the healthcare industry.

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